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Tough As Tile Epoxy Finish, Spray-On, White
You no longer have to live with your old, stained or discolored tub or sink. You can refinish it just like any other piece of furniture with Tough As Tile surface refinisher. Now with a little effort prepping and spraying over one weekend, you can restore your tub or bathroom tiles to look like new. The results and savings are worth the effort. There is no need for plumbers or carpenters to replace expensive fixtures and your friends will think you hired a professional to do the job.

Works On: Fiberglass, Porcelain, Glazed Ceramic Tile and Countertop Laminate.

Coverage: 44 - 52 sq. feet -- equivalent to one standard size tub or two sinks.

Supplies Needed:
  • Surface Preparation Cleaner, TSP - Trisodium Phosphate Cleaner
  • Extra Fine Steel Wool, #000
  • Pair of Nitrile Gloves
  • Plastic Drop Cloth
  • Painters Masking Tape
  • Homax® Porcelain Chip Fix (if repair of chips or cracks is needed)
  • Bucket
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Paper Towels
  • Lacquer Thinner
  • Respirator (NIOSH Approved - Organic Vapor)
  • Protective Eyewear
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Tough As Tile Epoxy Finish, Spray-On, White 2.5 5 11 11
No durability We are preparing our home to sell, and wanted to update the bathroom. The tub looked a little sad so we thought we would try giving ita face lift with this product. Followed the directions exactly, I even cleaned the tub an extra time. Applied two thin coats with no problems and let it dry for two weeks just to be safe. The second time I showered, I dropped the soap and the bar of soap chipped the finish. It has been down hill from there.We are not particularly happy and I have to figure out how to fix this issue. March 23, 2014
I was NOT disapointed I was recommended this product to use to refurbish the surface of the tub in the 52 year old house I purchased. I'm surpised that it didn't get great ratings on this site, because it has awesome ratings on ACE Hardware and on other sites.But, after reading the complaints of the users that gave this product poor ratings, I see why. The folks complaining were indicative of folks that didn't understand how epoxy works in the chemical sense. While they say they followed all the steps to the tee, Prep AND temperature are everything!The only complaint I have is mention of the temperature of the room needing to be at a minimum of 72° is mentioned very shortly and at the end of the steps. The importance of this temperature should be seriously stressed.While those folks complain of lack of cure, bleeding, and serious dripping, I don't think they understood the product nor how to apply it correctly. Although the instructions say a minimum of 72° is needed for a 72 hour cure, it is WAY better to have it at 80°. I put a space heater in that room at kept it a nice and toasty 80° and produced excellent results.Here are the pics to prove it:!/fritzling/posts/10202950243576120?comment_id=7759035&offset=0&total_comments=8&notif_t=feed_comment January 8, 2014
Great product simple directs great results. Followed the directions to a T. First coat went on great, waited the drying time. Second coat went on even better. Out come was: Looks like a new tube. I did let the tub cure for 5 days to ensure that it did not wrinkle or shrink due to hot water. Needless to say it did not do either. Great product. I would suggest it to anyone thinking about having a company come in a reglaze you ceramic bath tub. Just follow the directions they are simple and easy. October 9, 2013
Pretty to look at - don't ever touch it. Refinished my kitchen sink with the Homax Tub & Tile (brush application) and followed the directions to the letter. It cured for more than 72 hours. Then I placed a water filter housing that weighed about 5lbs into the sink and it tore through the finish! I could even push the finish around with my thumb.I used two thin coats, as per instructions. It also began to peel around the edges when I removed the painter's tape.DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. Do not waste your time. I'm heartbroken. July 18, 2013
Not worth the effort! After following the instructions perfectly & prepping the surface for 2 hours, the spray nozzles kept clogging on both cans within seconds of beginning application. Even after shaking cans continually, the nozzles would clog immediately & spit out dime-sized blotches of epoxy. Tub is now half finished with no way of completing it. Very frustrating! June 4, 2013
Great paint I painted my bathroom over again, and the paint you very well done like a professional painter did the job.I used the bathroom, tile, sink paint, it was very strong, but it did the job thanks. I was very please. May 4, 2013
Horrible As with everyone else, I followed the instructions perfectly. Afterwards, the coverage is poor, peels easily, discolors quickly to a pinkish hue, etc. Do not get this product under any circumstances. The brush on is much better, though thicker and much more difficult to get a smooth finish. If you're doing a full bath remodel, just go ahead and replace the tub, you'll be happier in both the short and long run. April 30, 2013
Can't be kept wet (in a bathtub??) I bought this product to refinish an old clawfoot tub for my horse's water trough. Apparently, any water left to soak will lift the finish. What good is that in a bathtub!? April 17, 2013